AXIS FormulaLink

AXIS FormulaLink offers features and tools in AXIS and AXIS EnterpriseLink supporting advanced programming in AXIS Formula Tables, Dataset Formulas and AXIS EnterpriseLink scripted jobs.

  • Powerful script editing capabilities
  • Advanced debugging features
  • Formula Libraries with Version Control
  • Integration with custom user-created and third-party libraries
  • Integration with external systems

The Formula script editor introduces better color coding, line numbering, auto-completion and IntelliSense-like features. The script editor provides the ability to develop classes for use in the main Formula Table code, declare functions in external Win32 DLLs, code local subs and functions, and reference external .NET assemblies.

Integrated in the AXIS version package, a new debugger replaces the built-in interpreter mode debugger. It attaches to an AXIS process and allows stepping through .NET compiled code of the Formula Table or the Dataset Formula. Debugging functionality, such as breakpoints, Step Into, Step Over, Watch Window for variables and expression evaluation are supported. A special interface to Microsoft Visual Studio (2010-2015) allows debugging Formula Table code using its fully featured debugger (VB.NET or C#).

A Formula Tables Library provides tools to create, edit, compile and test reusable class libraries that can be used as plugins to Formula Tables in AXIS model datasets. The tool set supports a role-based library management interface, integration with EnterpriseLink Version Control for change tracking and promotion to production, third-party assembly referencing and more.

The ability to reference .NET DLLs located in a specified directory, dataset folder or AXIS version folder is included. Also provided is the ability to use classes natively from the referenced assemblies in the Formula Table script without having to expose them as COM.

The AXIS FormulaLink core runtime engine is designed to replace the current scripting engine for all AXIS users and act a foundation for transitioning AXIS over to a 64-bit code base.

A subset of the AXIS FormulaLink Module features is available with the base AXIS license, while a complete (advanced) feature set requires a separate AXIS FormulaLink module license.