AXIS DataLink

AXIS DataLink is an essential complement to the other Base Actuarial Modules because it enables a smooth link between inforce business and movement data as described in your administrative systems and seriatim records in each of the AXIS Liability modules AXIS DataLink also provides powerful analysis and reporting tools.

AXIS DataLink features and utilities are designed to enable the efficient development of a policy-based seriatim or optionally a compressed seriatim business model, as well as the maintenance of a reliable, transparent and controlled production process as part of the corporate reporting function.

AXIS DataLink helps:

  • Collect, transform, and pass seriatim data to other AXIS modules
  • Facilitate the calculation, reporting and analysis of results on seriatim basis
  • Load source information from virtually any record format into DataLink database tables
  • Support flexible programming of data editing and transformation algorithms
  • Automate inforce model building and calculation processes using batch processes and macros
  • Query input data and calculated results to summarize, analyze, and feed end user reports

AXIS DataLink can also be used to compress seriatim data using advanced clustering techniques, to enable smaller faster models with a controlled amount of results distortion.