GridLink as a Service (GlaaS)

Embedding Cloud Technologies to Enhance the Actuarial Modeling Function

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
12:00 P.M. EDT

Actuarial modelling systems are requiring an increase in accessible and effective compute power to perform more granular and data intensive modelling in shorter time frames, especially when stochastic calculations are involved.

In this webinar, Moody's Analytics will discuss the challenges of the evolving life actuarial function, and the success of working with Microsoft to deploy our actuarial modelling solutions in the HPC Cloud to access, manage and exploit unlimited compute power. Allowing insurers to achieve critical calculation outcomes faster and more economically, leading to more informed financial risk modelling and decision making.


Victor Rubinstein, Senior Director, Technology, Moody's Analytics
Trevor Howes, Director, Actuary, Moody's Analytics
Brian Cartwright, Industry Executive, Insurance Industry Solutions, Microsoft

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